About Fab Floor

We, Multiple Entities Business Family, have been into building material industry for over three decades. Specializing in retailing & manufacturing of Tile, Marble, Bathroom fittings, natural stone, Granite, etc.

Our retail operations are in one of the world’s oldest city Varanasi & Lucknow in the state Uttar Pradesh. And Manufacturing plants in Jalore ( Rajasthan) & Bangalore ( Karnataka).

After successful journey with consistent growth now we have entered into the field of most innovative flooring product ‘SPC’, Stone Polymer Composite as manufacturer and exporter with the highly experienced team of experts who are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship and customer service to ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget. 

This SPC Flooring plant is located in the Stone Hub of India, in the state Rajasthan.  

Our motto is “High Quality Low Budget” thus will be competitive in the international market.


Fab Floors passion brings innovative flooring, designed for you!
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Fab Floors International is founded with a distinct goal to revolutionize modern flooring by creating innovative and visually stunning surfaces. Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality flooring with contemporary designs, all while keeping prices affordable.


Our Vision

Fab Floors International aspires to stand over the flooring industry, offering an ultra-exclusive collection of innovative surfaces that defy conventions. Our vision is to disseminate the enchantment of our surfaces globally, and we aim to achieve this sooner rather than later.

Bring happiness
to your home

Fab Floors’s SPC Floors will guide you to a flooring choice that is complementary to what you choose to implement in your interior.

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